It’s a nickname…got it while working as a delivery boy at Domino’s Pizza about 23 years ago…there was another guy there that was called yoyo, we all thought it was very funny….

A year later I met my beautiful wife-to-be, Yael, at…Domino’s Pizza…from there on YAel+YAir turned into “yaya” and the rest is history.

Fast forward…years later (like 10 or 12 years) I found myself in the photographic business…working as an application engineer in a small company called Leaf and as the role evolved, I started lurking on several photographic forums so I could learn the language (photography but also English) and the names. I had to pick a username so I chose yaya and this became my web name and later on my business name…

On this blog I intend to share my experience from my travels. I spend much of my work time with photographers, all kinds of photographers from different genres, even different industries and of course from different countries.

I also shoot for a hobby and I’ve been lucky enough to have access to the best camera gear in the world, often having to test prototype equipment in “real world” environments (what is “real world” anyway?) although sometimes I see something that is worth capturing and all I’ve got on me is a mobile phone…well, at least I got one with all those fantastic photographic apps!

My other hobby is cycling. I will surely come back to telling the cycling story at some point, but for now I can say that it is as hobby as well as a necessity. I ride mountain bikes and road bikes, usually alone and I always carry a camera (ok a camera-phone…) as there is always some piece of land, or a scene, or a building, or a bush, or a car or a sheep that is worth recording.

One day, I will gather all these snaps into an album…a “bike snaps” album maybe.

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