April blues

Or at least the beginning of April has been somewhat painted in Blue for me for the last 4 years.

I always loved the spring; the blue sky, the longer days and early morning soft light, even Passover with all its special treats and crazy calories intake!

But I’ve also never been a great fan of birthdays, especially not mine and always preferred celebrating them with Yael and the kids doing something outside in nature.

This year’s #covid19 #lockdown means that last Friday we had to settle for something local so we went for a little walk in the park late afternoon to catch the sunset.

And then today I woke up early thinking maybe this time it will be different. Maybe I will not be pulled into all these thoughts about that awful day 4 years ago, maybe PTSD is something I can eventually let go of.

I thought maybe I should just go for a walk, get some fresh air, come back and dive into work and just let the day go by, just skip it and move on.

Instead, I put my cycling kit on, went into my #paincave and before jumping on the trainer, I took another photo of my old bike which is hanging there as some sort of memorabilia, along with many other cool cycling bits and pieces. I realise it is more of a memorial to the very different life I used to have.

I scrolled through my old activities on Strava and found the map from that ride. The blue line shows the route my bike had taken while at the back of the police car after they’d cleared the scene.

As it is such a nice day today and as we are still allowed to go out for an exercise once a day, we will later on follow our newly adopted tradition and do our walk to the place of the crash. I’m sure it’ll be different with far fewer people outside and little or no traffic.

Stay safe people, have a happy Passover-Easter break and try to make the most out of this very strange time we live in. We’ll have cool stories for our grandchildren!

One comment

  1. Dear Yair, Yael and kids, many thanks for sharing your feelings in this diffcult momentum. I enjoy very much to receive in my mailbox this memories from Yair and I have enjoyed very much also the beauty of the photos. Photos that remind me that we do not live in a dark age. Yes, the momentum is delicate but with Passover coming tomorrow, there is for sure a transition time, a passage to a new era. We have to think in a positive way.
    The future is ours and for ours kids. Let’s work to keep this land beauty and not too polluted. Otherwise mother nature will keep affect in a negative way our life with natural disasters and so on.

    I wish you all happy Passover.
    Hugs and shalom from Italy.
    Your friend Andrea

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