Happy 6 months birthday

I guess that, as the saying goes; time flies when you’re having fun!!!!

October 29th 2014 was the day I went under the knife and today, April 29th 2015 (which by the way happens to be a Wednesday as well) we are celebrating 6 months…yes! 6 months!!!!

A lot has happened in the past 4 months since my last post; there was winter, which came and left (thankfully). I started traveling again and have visited France, Germany, Denmark, Israel and the Netherlands for work, in a new role with new challenges.

Sport has played a centre part in my recovery process. It is the way I chose to stay focused, to tell myself and the world that there IS life after such a traumatic experience and that anyone who has to go through such an event, can go back to leading a normal, healthy and busy lifestyle.

As soon as I was given the green light, I abandoned the cycle turbo trainer and hopped back on my road bike – I cannot tell you how exciting that day back in January was! Since then I’ve done nearly 2000 kilometres (inc. about 200 on the mountain bike), which is more or less on target for this year.

The longest ride so far was a 121km sportive up in Cambridgeshire and I was well pleased with the 4h42m time I posted.

The BHF also has a part in the story. Before surgery I took part in several of their cycle events: London-Cambridge, Oxford-Cambridge, London-Southend, London-Reading, Dorset and a few more. We donate clothes, toys and books through our local BHF shop on a regular base and have also helped organising a few fundraising days at school.

After surgery I have joined their online community where people can share their stories, experiences and concerns. I also visited their headquarters in London and took part in a photoshoot with a few other heart patients who love sport.

Sure, there are a few things that have changed…like having a blood test every 2-4 weeks, and like taking medications twice a day at a regular time, and like carrying a medical ID card everywhere and wearing a medical alert bracelet. Sleeping more than 2 hours straight is still considered a privilege and the ticking sound of the mechanical valve can be annoying at times but it is something I am growing to like and appreciate as it constantly reminds me that the alternative could have been a lot worse…actually there was NO alternative…so, it’s all GOOD!!!


Photographs © Copyright Sportivephoto Limited

Photograph © Copyright Sportivephoto Limited

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