NYC October 2013

Work took me to NYC last month and I was lucky enough to A) have some free time and great weather and B) have some of the best camera equipment in the world with me: A Leaf Credo 60 digital back with a Mamiya 645DF+ and a Mamiya 35mm/f3.5 lens, which is one of my favourite lenses, being light, small, sharp and relatively fast for a wide angle lens
I took the subway to Brooklyn on a Friday night and walked down to Brooklyn Bridge park, which was dark and quiet, perfect for taking a few photos of the city and the bridge.

The next morning I walked down from 26th st. to the 9/11 memorial site at the world trade centre, a very unique experience which made me pause for a couple of hours.

I’m still going through some of the images but here is a small collection that I’ve chosen so far, shown with a little post treatment as possible

                                                                 CF005374 1


CF005435 1

CF005432 1

CF005423 2

CF005419 1





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