This week has been so busy that I did not get a chance to stop and reflect on last Sunday’s big ride!!!!!

Some stats:

  • started in Oxford 08:15, arrived in Cambridge 13:44
  • 143.32km
  • Ride time 05:04 hrs
  • Stopped time 00:25 hrs
  • Average speed 28.28 km/h this is about 4 km/h faster than my normal average, I’d put it down to the long flat parts coming out of Oxford and approaching Cambridge, allowing me to keep an average of just over 40 km/h!
  • Fastest speed 78.96 km/h (!)
  • Total ascent 589m
  • Total decent 441m
  • Calories 5362
  • Average heart rate 137 bpm (my rule is not to go over 150 bpm even on the steepest hills)

All in all it was easier than I expected, there were fewer hills (although there were 3 big ones!) and the flat bits were fast and smooth. I’ve also managed to latch onto the tail of two guys who were flying and have given me a good tow

My family was waiting for me at the finish line, with a banner and a camera:-) and I’ve got a medal as well!!!

Training doesn’t stop here and it was only 3 days before I was riding again…this is a serious addiction!

But, the most important thing is that thanks to all our friends, we have manages to raise 485 GBP for the BHF charity!!!! This will for sure help pushing heart research in this country and bring hope to many who suffer from various heart diseases

The fundraising page remains active for another 3 months so of course you are welcome to send your donation, now that I’ve fulfilled my part of the deal:-)


On a different note, I’ve figured out how to create a QR image for this site. You can now scan it with your smartphone and keep it as a bookmark:-)


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