Just 24 hours left

It’s amazing how time flies…I’ve started this journey less than 4 months ago, when I registered for the Oxford-Cambridge BHF ride and started training for it

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 31st 2011 at 08:00 I’ll be setting off from Oxford and am planning to finish the course in 6:30 hrs inc. 2 stops

I’ve trained hard for this; I’ve ridden 600-700 km every month, getting up at silly hours so I can get the miles in before the kids wake up for school and on the weekends I did some big rides, none of them was as long as tomorrow’s 88 miles but I think I’m ready

Le Tour de France took place in July, a great motivation booster if judging by the 850km I’ve done so far…the long days obviously helped as I could get 40-50 km done before 8am or after 6pm

Speaking of Le Tour, a friend shared a video link with me via Facebook, which I think is a must see for every cycling fan as it shows how hard these men really are:


I would like to take this opportunity and to thank everyone who have donated through my BHF fundraising page it means a lot to me and of course to all the other thousands of people who suffer from one heart disease or the other and who enjoy the BHF’s work


I’d also like to thank my wife Yael and our children Arielle and Omri for supporting me and for putting up with the long hours I’ve spent away on the weekends:-) They will be cheering me up on the start and finish lines tomorrow!

I will post again tomorrow PM after we get back from Cambridge with some photos. Remember than donation are accepted 3 months after the even and that every penny counts!!!!



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