Training log

End of April, amazing how time flies when you’re having fun:-)

Taking the big ride seriously; in April, thanks to Easter, Passover and the Royal wedding I’ve managed 13 rides, totalling 470km, 23:35 hrs, 2,700m ascent at an average speed of just under 20km/h.

With such a great weather, most rides look like this:

I’ve also managed to squeeze a couple of runs, off which one was along the Reka Moskva River in Russia at 0 deg C…

The days are now getting longer and longer so I’m planing a few evening rides and if I can get myself out of bed early enough, I might even do a few early morning ones as there is light from about 04:30…we’ll see

A couple of trips this week and a longer one to Germany next week. I’ve arrange a half day “tourist” day in Berlin as I have never had a chance to tour this city, even though I’ve been there a few times already. as you can see this was taken from a taxi rushing to the airport…

This time I’ll be kitted with a Leaf Aptus-II 12 on a nice Arca-Swiss Rm2D with a 43mm lens so I’ll try to make the most of it!!!


A quick update: Saturday 9/4 saw me doing 73Km in 3h23m, weather was perfect but the 1st half of the route was VERY hilly…a total of more than 300m climbing. That’s about half of what I’m supposed to do in July…so there’s still some work to do:-)

As you know, I’ve registered for a charity ride for the BHF that will take place at the end of July, you can read about it on my fundraising page: but I thought I should run a training log here so that I can update everybody with my preparations for this ride. To remind you, I’ve chosen the BHF because of my heart condition and I’ve decided that as long as it allows me to ride, I will take part in charity events and will help in raising money that can save lives of children and adults like myself who fight heart diseases.

I’m using a GPS base App called Cyclemeter on the iPhone which works quite well with lots of features but the best is that it can sync with my calendar so I can track my training progress and get all the stats with regards to time, distance, routes profile, calories etc.

For example in March I did 10 rides (and 2 runs as well), covering a total of 278Km in 14h34m, climbing 1,711 metres and burning nearly 10,000 calories

In April, with the weather headed in the right direction and the days getting longer, I’ve managed 4 rides so far, with a total of 182Km, 08h32m, 1,121 metres of climbing and 6,800 calories. Better weather means less time spent on getting ready for a ride…no multiple layers, no special boots/ gloves…just slap on some sun cream and off we go!!!

I’m hoping to squeeze in another 9-10 rides this month which looks feasible as there are lots of holidays in April.and only One trip abroad.

Speaking of trips, I’m going to Moscow next week. This will be exactly One year after my famous Moscow-to-London journey

I’m looking forward to another visit to this amazing city and am hoping that the earth will remain quiet until my retun:-)


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