Skyline, moon & getting wet

I always look for excuses to go out an shoot the city’s skyline at night or at dusk

This time a customer has asked me for some sample images as he wants to try one of the new Leaf backs on a coming aerial shoot

I’m still working on some of the images to find the colours and gradations I like the most, but so far I’ve got this one which I’m quite happy with:


London City Skyline

Once it was totally dark and before packing up I thought I’ll have a go at shooting the (nearly) full moon…The longest lens I had was a 150mm, which isn’t that long really but it is quite amazing what a 60 megapixel camera can record. Note that the moon itself covered less than 300×300 pixels, which is exactly the crop posted below


The moon from Alexandra Palace

The cycling season is about to start and while I do my best to ride through the winter, the cold weather and work commitments mean less opportunities to get out for any long rides.

Today we had quite a busy schedule with friends and family but before it all started I decided to brave the elements and went out for a 1 hour ride in solid rain!

I have to say it was fun…well, kinda…towards the end it felt rather cold…

One thing for sure the bike will need a good clean & lube service before I head out again:-)


  1. Hey Yair,
    Loved the photos. Also loved the one with the salt on the beach. Will try to send you photos of the dust storm that covered us last weekend.
    Haven’t forgotten about Portugal…
    Have a great weekend,

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