Journey journal; Moscow-London April 2010

So that little Volcano in Iceland, other than causing the largest global travel chaos ever, has left me stranded in Russia of all places….as much as I find Moscow exciting, I really waned to get home to my family….long story short, we (me and 2 friends) are now sat in in a cafe at Leningradki station, waiting for an overnight (13 hrs) train to Helsinki…from there we have a ferry in the afternoon to Stockholm (16 hrs), then a train to Copenhagen (6 hrs) so that will bring us there on Tuesday around 8pm…

Depending on our alertness state, we’ll be looking for a rental car that maybe needs to go back to UK…who knows.

Clarkson I think did London-Oslo in 18 (?) hrs? But that was in a Mclaren SLR:-) so we have a ballpark figure to try and match…not sure how and where/ when we’re gonna cross the channel…


2 days after coming home, I now have some time to reflect and to sift through all the photos and notes.

Night 1:

The people we work with in Moscow were amazingly helpful. There is no way we would have gotten on that train without there help. The train was like time travel…made in the 60’s it actually was surprisingly comfortable! I mean the bunk beds were not that great but the service was excellent and the mix of people we had in our car was actually really funny…we shared the cabin with a couple of engineers who were travelling back from Kazakhstan to Germany. The hostess was serving tea in old glass mugs and of course in the bar there was Baltika 7 beer aplenty:

Can anyone read this? Surely he can!

1st pint and trying to get online in Russian:-)

Our home for 13 hours, Russian tea served from a real “Samovar” and just another Baltika 7 before getting 2 hrs sleep:

Alex, Poul and myself in the train’s bar…checkout the Green vinyl seats and the LED lights:-)



  1. This is a classic… At any other time a journey like that with 2 mates would be brilliant – so try to make the most of it, and don’t feel too bad when a few hours out of Moscow the flights resume and you have to continue with this cunning plan because the backlog in people waiting to fly means you can only get a seat in 2013.

    1. Well we’ve got to a point where we just said we’re gonna stick to the plan…
      The train part was surprisingly pleasant even cought a few Z’s. 3 hr stop in Helsinki and we’re now sat in an English pub on a huge boat (like REALLY) big. Gonna go out and shoot the sunset shortly. The entry into Stockholm through the fjords is said to be pretty as well.
      Set up a short business meeting before we get on the train…will get off at CPH and pick a car and drive down to Calais.
      Here’s the funny part: the rental companies wont let us drive to UK and the ferry companies are not letting foot passengers onboard…so guess what? My wife has booked a special day-return trip, she’ll come off in Calais, pick us up, do a u-turn and back to London!

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